A4-Away! Owner run business guarantees good service

With a combined industry experience of over 50 years, A4-Away promises to deliver the goods! Literally and figuratively.

Specialising in moving and cleaning A4-Away also holds some secret skills up their sleeve. They also supply and install water tanks (crucial in our thirsty, drought ridden area), guttering and pool and spa nets (again, absolutely crucial as we inch towards our seasons where our kids are outside more than inside). On that topic, if you own a pool, you need to secure it, whether your kids are young or not!

One of the things that A4-Away prides themselves on is the comments that they receive from their customers, affirming that they have a light hearted, yet energetic culture that makes them a pleasure to deal with.

The business came about when the owner (who has a vast amount of experience as Regional and Divisional Manager for one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in South Africa) saw numerous requests from customers to assist with theor residential properties. A4-Away was born, and from that point on, set out to deliver what their customers want.

A4-Away offers the following services:

Water Tanks

Supply and Installation


New and repairs


Steam cleaning, Fairy Cleaning, Top down new house cleaning


Home relocation and cleaning


Pool Care and Saftey Nets


General Maintenance

High Pressure Cleaning

NEW! Enquire about High Pressure Cleaning

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