REACH Restoration

REACH Restoration is a faith-based discipleship program for men who have made decisions that have led to destructive behaviour in their own lives, as well as negatively affecting the lives of those around them. This residential program offers hope of restoration as we point the student to the Cross of Christ and the new life Jesus brings.

Unlike popular beliefs and myths, we do not maintain that this destructive lifestyle is purely related to sickness or a disease from which there is no known cure. Rather we believe that a complete and whole restoration is possible because of the redemptive work of Christ on the cross. Our hearts are idol factories and point us in all kinds of deceptive directions.

Ultimately these wrong paths lead only to self-destruction. Drugs and self-help gurus may help for a time, but they do not provide the ultimate answers. It is only once we better understand ourselves, our heart’s desires, and our saving God, that we can begin the journey to a new and full life. With REACH Restoration, we learn to turn to God by choosing Christ and the Kingdom of God both as present help and eternal destination.

We offer discipleship, counselling, accountability and a safe space to build a path to a restored and productive life.  Our program is overseen by a board of directors and falls under the spiritual oversight of Emmanuel church, Port Elizabeth.


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