Guaranteed Customers

What’s the one way to guarantee a customer will buy from you?

Cast your thoughts back a few years to any random Monday night. Which restaurant in the whole of South Africa was not only full, but had dozens of people waiting for a table? You guessed it, the steak house with a taste for life. What day of the year is synonymous with scores of shoppers running into retail stores, sometimes violently knocking others out of the way? Yes, Black Friday.

What do these two things have in common? DISCOUNTS! Love it or hate it, people have an innate desire to get a bargain! But merely offering a discount in your business limits your reach to your current network (via email marketing or Facebook posts which don’t even reach all of your fans – if you want to know why that happens send us a message and we can gladly chat about it). Rely Able has a solution.

Vouchers. Yes, we will sell vouchers on your behalf to a customer network way beyond what you can reach alone. How? Our simple campaign leverages three factors to guarantee you more sales and business:

First – When you become a member of our campaign we ask that you share an article we create for you (with your voucher) to your network of Facebook fans, WhatsApp contacts, email lists, etc. The power of this tool is that EVERY company that takes part in this campaign does the same, thus your reach is multiplied and extended into everyone else’s reach (i.e. if 50 businesses have 1,500 likes on Facebook then the potential reach is 75,000 potential customers!) because every new visitor to the site will also see the other vouchers on offer.

Second – You decide what you want to offer your customers. If you have a particular product that you want to move more of, run a voucher special; if you have a particular day that’s quiet, run a voucher special for that day; if you struggle to get new business, offer a voucher special for new customers using you for the first time – the possibilities are endless.

Third – As mentioned above, the desire for consumers to get a bargain is an advantage that you can leverage off of.

You get customers, you get customers to support you with products/days that suit you, customers get good deals – this is a win/win situation for all involved. If no vouchers are sold, you will be getting advertising of your brand for free – only pay if you’re paid.

For an example story of how it can benefit you have a look here.

Guaranteed Customers Campaign

Profit Share (Commission Based Model)
  • Custom Made Vouchers Created
  • Indexed on Google
  • Promoted Across Social Media and Other Media
  • Commission of R15 for voucher cost of R150 or less
  • Commission of 10% for voucher cost of R150 or more
  • Money paid out within 5 - 7 days or sooner
  • Shareable content provided to drive voucher sales