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There’s certainly no lack of directories to showcase your company – from the Yellow Pages to online directories in their masses to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to your ranking in search engines, and being listed in as many places as possible most certainly helps. But here we like to do things differently. Our way of solidifying your ranking and having you show up in more searches is our “Get Exposure Campaign”. 

We write an article about your business. What that article does is create backlinks to your website, gives links to your social media pages and lists all of your contact details. Essentially we want you to imagine you are being interviewed by a magazine and they are doing a showcase on your business. Anything you want to say, or get across to your potential or existing customers, or anything that you would want everyone to know about your business or product – we put that in the article. And then we optimise it for search engines. That means that whatever you want to be known for as a search term in Google, we tag it as that for you (i.e. plumber in De Aar, etc). The more articles we write, the more visitors we get, the more everyone on the platform benefits as Google recognises more and more from our article platform. 

We believe in Win/Win scenarios for our customers – we want you to grow!

Check out some examples below.

Rely Able

An example of how we write and what can be expected for your business.

Obviously every business is different and we will focus on what makes you unique and your selling points and what you’d like us to get across to the world.

Get Exposure

  • Custom written article on your business
  • Indexed on Google
  • Backlinks to all of your websites, social media pages and all contact details
  • You get to choose what you want to rank for in Google
  • 10 Shares to Facebook groups
  • Ability for companies to add new articles once first one is posted
  • Link to your Facebook page feed
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